"Let's Ride" Troika Skateboards
Published on August 11, 2016

"Let's Ride" was released by Troika Skateboards not long ago full of warehouse footy from the Commonwealth Press warehouse. Always something fun & crazy to come ouuta a session at this joint. Featuring the likes of local skaters Mike McGrady, Alec Solomon, Josh Radko, Nino, Ray Kanemoto, Corey Kushik, Kevin Scott, Craig Repine, Doug Plezia, Dustyn Glies, Eric Bubash, Shane Plezia, Adam Bartron, Sean Stumpf, Cody McMahon, Ian Yurcisin, & Graham Beck.
2nd Annual Steel City Jam
Hosted by: D.N.A. Skate Co. @ Pitcher Park
Published on July 31, 2016

Last year's Steel City Jam was at Imperial, this year the D.N.A. Skate Co. guys decided to switch it up & bring the event out to Pitcher Park Memorial Skate Park in Carnegie, Pa . It was a long ass day filled with best tricks, bowl comps, jams, bands, food & probably some behind the scenes shenanigans. Congrats to the winners & awesome shredding from everyone that entered. Check out the edit below.
412VM - Episode #1 Leftovers
Published on July 31, 2016

Buncha leftover park clips we didn't use for the Episode #1 of 412VM

Featured Local Skaters: Dave Kaule, Matt Hallberg, Wasted Wayne, Alex Esch, Graham Beck, Mike Selepec, Scott Hammer, Jeremy Brannigan, Jason Denale, Chris Jolly, Rodney Hiles, Ray Kanemoto, Grant Grdunac, Alec Solomon, Dj Tokarczyk, Dave Weil, Sean Stumpf & Kobe Dinsmore

412VM - Episode #1
Published on Jul 31, 2016

After almost 2 years of blood, sweat & beers, we got to release the 1st episode of the video mag. Huge thank you to everyone that has contributed so far on this project. Featuring some of the raddest local shredders in the Burgh, checked out the first full length episode below.

Featured Skater: Graham Beck
Published on June 2, 2016

Give Graham Beck a follow because @grahamafia is nothing short of Savage. This Pittsburgh local is one of the most technical & consistent shredders we have ever met. Whether it’s a casual manny or something outta the book for Daewon, Graham never disappoints with his effortless style. Check out this feature that took only a couple days to film what would take your non-savage riders the whole season. Enjoy!

POW Best Trick/Bowl Jam
Published on Jan 20, 2016

Bills for Bangers! Peace of Wood Skateboards stopped out at Pipes Skatepark in the Winter of 2015 to put together a Best Trick/Bowl Jam event for some cash flow $$ check out the edit below & pretend you were there to witness the radical shred.

Tearing Down/Skating Pipes Skatepark
Published on April 4, 2016

Pipes Skatepark in Export, Pa was like a 2nd home to so many individuals over the years. Many friendships were made & some of the gnarliest shred went down on these slippery floors. To have the only local indoor park close was & is a total bummer for us all. Let us remember the good times though! Enjoy this little montage of shop riders Graham Beck & Grant Grdunac making the best of a sad situation.

Pipes Skatepark TMNT Montage

Reminiscing on the good old days hanging out & shredding with all the homies at Pipes Skatepark. Here's a little edit from back in the Winter of 2014.

R.I.P. Pipes

Video produced by: sSTUMPFproductions
Music by: Partners In Kryme - Song: Turtle Power
Pipes Skate Park Super Mario Style

Video produced by: sSTUMPFproductions
Post Season - "Twelve Seventeen" Music Video
Published on 12-17- 2013
Local skater Dan Tippery & his band Post Season stopped out to Pipes Skatepark to film for their music video "twelve-seventeen". Check out tubular tunes below & check em out on social media.
Post Season Website
Post Season Facebook
Post Season Instagram

Video filmed & edited by Nick Lazur at NAL Media
32 Spot Check
Published on March 4, 2013

Some of the ThirtyTwo head east & shred 7 Springs Resort along with a local skatepark called "Pipes" in Pennsylvania.

Starring Chris Brewster, Austin Leonard, Brett Stewart, Chris Beresford, Cooper Thomas, Tyler Mengel, Jake Kuzyk & Jordan Small.

Additional Filming by Ian Macy. Film/Edit by HDJ

ThirtyTwo Instagram
ThirtyTwo Facebook
ThirtyTwo Twitter

Modified Skateboards @ Pipes
Published on July 14, 2008

Featured Skaters: Mike Minor, Alex Esch, Curtis George, Gino Cappa, Josh Deslauriers, Josh Mosco, Matt Kilroy, Tim Beal, Tom Munson, Dave Weil, Devin Pier, Jason Kurtiak, JR Butts.

Edit by: Curtis George, 2008

Pipes Skate Park Super Mario Style.

Video produced by sSTUMPFproductions

Some Pittsburgh Locals Edit
Published on December 17, 2007

Everyone loves some throwback footy. Crazy how this was 10 years ago. We all feel old now.

Published on April 30, 2008

Classic Pittsburgh skate video