21 September 2018
 September 21, 2018



15 August 2016
 August 15, 2016

Ah…A Website At Last

  Finally have the website up & running! Been working on the 2nd episode as well as the website lately so sorry if you […]

12 August 2016
 August 12, 2016

Troika Skateboards – “Let’s Ride”

“Let’s Ride” was released by Troika Skateboards not long ago full of  warehouse footy from the CWPress warehouse. Always something fun & crazy to […]

6 August 2016
 August 6, 2016

2nd Annual Steel City Jam

Last year’s Steel City Jam was at Imperial, this year the D.N.A. Skate Co. guys decided to switch it up & bring the event […]

31 July 2016
 July 31, 2016

Jolly & Friends

I remember back to a time where every skateboarder would get hyped with everyone else. Skateboarding was a fun,  non- pretentious, no shit talking, […]